Decoding The Types Of Signage

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There are a lot of options out there. All you need to do is understand the right types of signage needed for your brand to do well.

In the world of business signs, there are a lot of different types of signage your business could benefit from. How then do you choose what is correct for you?

Here’s a little food for thought – If you were to walk past a store with no name on the front or no supporting text or information on who they were or what service they provide, how would you find out? You would either choose to enter the store (if you had a lot of free time on hand or if you are one lil curious cat) or as we know most would, you would just walk right past it.

Signage does so much more than just telling the world the name of your business. It possesses the power to tell your customers who you are, what your story is, how long you’ve been in business, the number of services you provide, so on and so forth. But did you know that there are a number of types of signage at your disposal.

What, then, are these types of signage and which ones are necessary for your business?

A Frames

Almost every self-respecting bar which has a road facing entrance has an A-Frame announcing anything from Happy Hours deals to the daily specials. ‘A’ Frames, as the name suggests, form the shape of the alphabet A when they are opened up. They usually provide display space on both sides of the frame, which makes them an effective choice. If you run any kind of business that relies heavily on foot traffic, an A Frame is an apt choice for your business.

Brushed Aluminium Signs

There are aluminium signs and then there are brushed aluminium signs. The latter offer you a jump in terms of aesthetics that the former cannot promise. There are a few other differences between the two. While the technical structure of brushed aluminium is almost identical to standard aluminium signs, they are significantly heavier. This is what ascertains higher levels of durability. While you could opt to use this type of signage for the exterior of your business, a more common use for them is usually to create attractive and informative indoor signs – directions to various offices, signs on the bathroom doors, signs in hallways, etc. If correct care is given to these kind of signs, they will last years together without losing their sheen.

Channel Letters

Channel letters are usually three dimensional custom made alphabets or numerics that can be affixed on a mount or directly mounted on the wall. You then have the choice to make your channel letter sign illuminated if you wish to attract more crowd during the evening or night hours. Illuminated signs of this sort are more common among restaurants and hotels that could have walk ins during a late evening hour. A retailer may or may not choose this basis their working hours. But remember, they are more than handy when the winters come swooping in and it gets dark earlier than usual.


Lightboxes are perhaps one more of the most commonly used types of signage. They contain a lightweight print image which is contained within a box that contains a light source. This print image comes to life when it is backlit by the light source within, thus increasing the brightness, contrast, saturation and readability of text if any on the print image. In short, a lightbox looks attractive and works for short range audiences. Anyone walking past a lightbox is likely to look at one and see your brand message loud and clear.

Metal Print Signs

If non-fussy is your style, then metal print signs are a good way to go. These signs are usually self luminous, and if cared for correctly have excellent durability. They work well for outdoor signs as well as indoor signs. You can choose among a variety of fonts and colors when it comes to these babies.

Vehicle Wraps

Regardless of whether you are a florist or a pest control guy, your company probably owns some mode of transportation. Regardless of whether it is a car or a truck, that is a lot of square inches of potential advertising space. Yes, you heard us right. You could convert the simple act of commuting into a free advertisement for your brand. All you have to do is create eye catching yet clear brand messages to showcase on your vehicle – and voila, let the magic happen.

Vinyl Stickers

Does your workplace have a wall or glass pane that is empty? Use that space to give out more information about your brand and services. Vinyl stickers are an easy-to-use medium of advertising. Just peel off the adhesive protector and stick it onto any imaginable surface. This works really well especially if you have empty wall or glass panes facing the road side.

All of these types of signage could work for you, depending on the nature of your business or its location. Regardless of which type(s) you choose, you need a good signage company to get your brand out there in the most effective manner. Choose New York Creative Solutions for all of your signage related needs. Contact us on for a quote today.