It’s All About The Business Signs

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Spreading the word about your brand is difficult. Understanding business signs should not be. Understand all there is to know about why they are good for your brand.

Very often people ask – Why do I need business signs for my brand? This is how we like explaining it –

On the night of the birth of Jesus, the three wise men from the East were led to Bethlehem by the bright and affixed North Star which is now commonly known as the Christmas Star. Think of business signs as your brand’s Christmas Star.

Most people will tell you that they are more likely to use the services of a brand that they have heard of or already know of. This is where good signage comes into play. If you have well lit, readable and attractive business signs, you are planting the seeds for a future visit into the minds of a subconscious passer by. Don’t believe us? The Chamber of Commerce says so too. Read on to know why we support this conclusion.

The Economic Center of a university in Cincinnati asked consumers about their patterns and reasons for choosing a new brand or business. Almost 8 out of 10 confessed that they had chosen to visit a new or unknown business or store basis its business signs.


Most businesses have a two-fold aim when it comes to branding. They want to retain existing customers while acquiring new customers. That’s where the role of business signage comes in. It’s a low cost yet extremely effective way to ensure that new customers know where to find you, while for older customers it is a subconscious reminder of how good you were with your job the first time around. The more exposure for your brand, the better your chances at raising new inquiries for your business.


So you run a saloon and it’s wedding season. Use signs to let customers know that you are giving them a discount this season. The chances of walk-in customers increasing with this kind of news is extremely high. Higher volumes will mean the discounts will not hamper business, but in fact be a good move. Whether it is discounts or a new product that you need to announce, business signs will get the word out effectively and at a fraction of the cost of say a newspaper ad. Also, versus the latter, signage is more long term. You could keep generic information on display for years to come.

Get Rid Of Competition:

A sizeable chunk of customers, when asked in a survey, confessed to the fact that a lot of their choices with regards to brands has been impromptu. Picture this – You own an Indian restaurant in a heavy traffic area that has a number of other eateries around. A well lit and prominent sign could help lead people straight to your door. If you have any USPs that could help people make the choice, make sure it makes an appearance on that sign. For instance, an Indian restaurant that serves goat meat could entice people who want to try delicacy meats.

Target Moving Traffic:

When William Henry Davies wrote the poem ‘Leisure’, he penned a line that goes like this –

What is this life if, full of care,

We have no time to stand and stare.

Little did Davies know that he was sketching out the picture of the average 21st century American. With potential customers constantly on the move, how do you target them? The answer is simple – business signs. By installing signs in areas where they can be viewed by both foot traffic as well as motor traffic, you are ensuring instant visibility and recall for your brand.

To cut a long story short, business signs can do your brand a world of good. But choosing the right company to design and install your signage is equally important. Choose from a plethora of options available on the website